How to use a coupon code

How to use a coupon code

There are a wide range of coupons and codes available. In this article we are just going to discuss the online coupon codes.

Types of coupon code

A coupon code is also known as a promotional coupon code, promo code, discount code, offer code or any variation of this. In practice they are all the same.

There are also different types including:

– % off coupon codes
– $ off coupon codes
– Free Shipping coupon codes
– Free gift coupon codes

Some have minimum order values, such as 30% off when you spend $100.

Using the coupon code

In most situations the coupon code is used in the final stages of checkout. Usually after you have confirmed the products that you would like to buy. It is usually a box, but sometimes is just text, requiring a click to reveal the coupon code box.

Form there it is simply a matter of inserting the code (Usually they are not case sensitive) and hitting ‘return’ or clicking ‘submit’.

In most cases the discount will be automatically taken off with the deducted figure or saving highlighted.

You will then just be able to proceed to the final confirmation and payment page.