How to get books for free!

There’s nothing better than a good book, but they can be a little pricey. Well fear not! We have found a few places to get those great reads for free.

Apps & Downloads

There are actually quite a few free ebook apps. A couple of examples are;
My Books – Unlimited Library on the Apple Store
Free Books – Read & Listen on Google Play

Don’t forget Amazon Prime & Prime reading – you can get a free trial and then read for free.

For a site with completely free book downloads see Project Gutenburg.

Paperbacks & Hardcovers

There’s something about a physical book though and luckily there are sites whihc specialize in these.

At BookMooch & PaperBack Swap you can trade your books with others.

If you are looking to buy discounted books don’t forget to check out our entertainment section with offers from bookshops.

February 2, 2021